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Thank you all for your support. We are beyond grateful.

Danielle Geathers ’22 is the only candidate running, president or vice president, to serve a full term as a UA officer, the only candidate to sit on an Institute Committee, and the only candidate to chair an institutionalized UA committee...Without a top priority to increase UA engagement with MIT students, the UA will be unprepared to face the big questions facing MIT students today regarding the uncertainty of the fall. This will not only be a failure of the UA, but MIT students will also suffer because of it. Students have the power to restructure the UA, Danielle and Yu Jing have given us that chance...It is Danielle and Yu Jing who understand MIT history, and have built a platform based on its lessons. That is the difference.

Kelvin Green II '22

Former UA Vice President

student group Boards

Black Students Union Exec

Chinese Students Club Exec

Black Women's Alliance Exec

Chocolate City

UA Officers

UA Chief of Staff, Rishi Shah ’20

UA Treasurer, AJ Haeffner ’21

UA Secretary, Naomi Michael ’22

Former UA Vice President, Kelvin Green II '22 


2020 Class President, Nacho Nwana ’20

2022 Class President, Temi Omitoogun '22

2023 Class President, Mallika Pajjuri '23 

Danielle and Yu Jing are both extremely qualified and are passionate about making MIT a better place for each and every student. What stood out to me was their open-minded approach. Their willingness to ask questions and get advice and feedback from students, student leaders, and administration to further inform their platform and approach was truly inspiring. Additionally, they are dedicated to empowering and uniting all minority groups on campus to create a more cohesive and accepting MIT community. I believe they will fearlessly and effectively lead MIT through these trying times...

Nwanacho Nwana '20

2020 Class Council President

Through her efforts within BWA, the UA, and the greater MIT community, Danielle has demonstrated a passion about our collective student experience and an eagerness to make the UA more relevant to our everyday lives. Danielle and Yu Jing ’s platform aligns with BWA’s mission and constitution as she fights to promote activism, unity, friendship, and community. Choose Different. 

2019-20 Black Women's Alliance Exec

As someone who has lived with Yu Jing for two years, I know firsthand how much she cares about MIT and how motivated she is to create change. She never comes home earlier than 10 pm because she’s ALWAYS in meetings to create initiatives and make sure

every student feels heard

I honestly cannot think of a single pair more qualified or dedicated than Danielle and Yu Jing. 

Sammi Cheung '22

2022 Class Council Co-Publicity Chair

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