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We envision an MIT made stronger by our diverse perspectives and experiences, made stronger by the way we are able to come together as a proud student body to make the change that we so seek.

This is the MIT we will fight for.

These are the steps we'll take to get there...

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ihtfp. A phrase we’ve all come to learn and love. At MIT, we’ve found a home in the passionate people and distinct communities. But we’ve also struggled and spent many long nights on a crowded Stud 5. Nevertheless, we persist and find a way to leave MIT a better place than we’ve found it.


We are Danielle and Yu Jing and we’re running to protect and improve the parts of MIT we’ve all grown to love, while advocating for solutions to the many problems we all face. 


 This year is unlike any other. Now more than ever, we need to be united. COVID-19 has changed a lot for us, there’s no denying that. But we won’t let it define us. Your support systems matter. Your MIT experiences matter. The homes we’ve created together matter. Whether it is advocating for those of us hardest hit by this pandemic, those unseen and unheard, or bringing together our community in these times of uncertainty, we all need the right leadership.


Throughout our time at MIT, we have both actively fought for student voices and empowered vulnerable communities. Our leadership increased accessibility to student resources on campus and levied student concerns to administration, ranging from the Burton Conner transition to the search for the new Institute Community and Equity Officer. Our impact spans from creating MIT’s first and only black women recruiting initiative to pioneering MIT representation at America’s largest Asian American student advocacy conference.


From institutionalizing “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” to implementing food pantries in non-dining dorms, we will amplify and support student organizations that have been fighting for these changes for years. By restructuring the UA for increased student engagement and formulating policies focused on transparency, we will transform the UA’s relevancy and support for students. Together, we can achieve this and more.

Blue and White List of Restaurants Offer

Increase visibility of MIT academic religious accommodations policies 

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